The Influence of TV Shows on Career Choices

The Influence of TV Shows on Career Choices

Breaking Stereotypes: My Journey from Conventional to Tech Enthusiast

In my hometown, the definition of a promising future was quite limited. You were expected to aspire to careers like doctor, nurse, policeman/policewoman, social worker, teacher, or lawyer if you wanted to be seen as having a bright future. These were the professions that received the spotlight in both lower and higher grades of education. However, if you dared to dream of becoming an engineer, a pilot, or something beyond the traditional choices, your ambitions were often met with skepticism and doubt.

My journey mirrored this conventional path. From my early years until the culmination of grade 12, my goal was to become a doctor. It seemed like the only logical choice. However, a turning point in my life occurred when my sister indirectly introduced me to the world of technology while we were engrossed in watching the popular TV show, "Blindspot."

Blindspot was an intriguing series that revolved around a woman discovered naked in Times Square, her body intricately covered with enigmatic tattoos. These tattoos became the key to solving various cases and thwarting terrorist attacks for the FBI team. While watching the show, I found myself captivated by the tech side of the investigations. Although it was a fictional portrayal of technology, I told myself that this was what I wanted to learn and explore.

Following that revelation, I became utterly obsessed with computers and how they functioned. So passionate was I about this newfound interest that I made a drastic decision: I dropped out of my Teaching course to enroll in an IT course. I yearned to be behind a computer, understanding the inner workings of this incredible technology.

I can vividly recall the exhilaration of writing my very first "Hello World!" program using Java. The satisfaction I derived from this simple code was unparalleled. I dedicated three hours each day to practice and refine my programming skills, eventually becoming quite proficient.

This transformative journey taught me a vital lesson: one should never allow others to determine their life's path. Had I succumbed to the stereotypical mindset prevalent in my community, I wouldn't be where I am today—a developer and pentester. My story serves as a testament to the importance of following your passion, regardless of societal expectations. It's a reminder that breaking stereotypes and pursuing your dreams can lead to a fulfilling and extraordinary life journey.